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As the S-FIVE project team is currently composing a formal paper on the existing State of the Art, the initial version of this bibliography is considered to be protected by international Copyright (C);
Hence, it is currently forbidden to re-use, copy or redistribute this bibliography in any way;
Upon completion of our State of the Art overview, these restrictions will be lifted.

Please consider reviewing, updating or contributing to this bibliography by sending an e-mail to:

Please note that we are particularly looking for scientific papers, dissertations, etc. that have a clear or sole focus on forensic applications of various image enhancement methods.

If you submit additional references, please consider providing: the full bibliographic information, a weblink to the author/papers/R&D groups'website, a weblink to the official summary/abstract of the reference (e.g. DOI), and,
the reason/motivation why you think this is an important reference, or, any other comments you may have.

Additional contributed entries are/will be marked with the contributor's name or initials (please indicate your preference), and, these entries are and will not be considered to be subject to the Copyright (C) notice mentioned above.

The bibliography below contains only a limited subset of all references that are currently available in the full project archive.
This subset was selected because these references are considered to be either: most relevant, explicitly cited, e.g., when discussing software, or, important advances on their own, etc.

For important PhD dissertations speciffically, multiple conference/journal papers associated with these PhD dissertations may be omitted here; these papers may be available through the weblinks mentioned below.

At a later stage the S-FIVE team will also release an overview on existing software tools, reference test data sets, etc.
Please consider subscribing to our mailing list (see Contact) to be notified automatically about these project activities.



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PhD dissertations

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[Ye:2005] Getian Ye. Image Registration and Super-resolution Mosaicing. PhD thesis, Uni- versity College, The University of New South Wales, 2005. URL:

Journal Special Issues/Collections/Series

[IEEE-SPM:2003] Moon Gi Kang and Subhasis Chaudhuri (Eds.). Super-resolution image reconstruction. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (Special Issue), 20(3):19–86, May 2003.

[ComputerJournal] The Computer Journal, Volume 52 Issue 1 January 2009,

[EURASIP-JoAiSP] Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Super-Resolution Imaging: Analysis, Algorithms, and Applications, 2006,

[Image Processing On Line] Image Processing on Line,

Journal papers

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[Yang:2010] Yang, Jianchao, et al. "Image super-resolution via sparse representation." Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on 19.11 (2010): 2861-2873. URL: ((Contributed by [GT]; to be verified: paper has high citation count; note: focus may be on patch/dictionary based intra-image superresolution only))

Other papers

[Belekos:2008] S. Belekos, N. P. Galatsanos, , and A. K. Katsaggelos. Maximum a posteriori video super-resolution with a new multichannel image prior. In EUSIPCO, August 2008. URL:

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[GT] D.T.P. Dr. Giovanni Tessitore, Polizia di Stato - , Direzione Centrale Anticrimine, Servizio Polizia Scientifica

[MJ] Martino Jerrian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software -

[FE] permission to publish full ID pending

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