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The S-FIVE project will organize an international workshop aimed at bringing together various parties that are active in the field of Forensic Image and Video Enhancement: forensic scientists, investigators, academic researchers, companies, etc.

The S-FIVE project will provide partial funding for inviting European attendees.
The Workshop can be attended for free, i.e., it does not require you to pay any registration fee, but the number of allowed attendees will be limited.
More details are given below.

Please note that at certain points in time the contents of this page may be changed, corrected, extended.
Hence, please consider re-reading this page regularly, and note that:
Important updates and changes will be documented at the bottom of the page.
The project team may also to decide to "reset" this page at a certain point in time, meaning that the visual colouring of certain (important) changes may be removed at that time.



General information

All workshop attendees will have to sign an attendance list each half day of the meeting. This signature will also be considered to be a legally binding "NDA"-style agreement, confirming that you will not discuss or disclose any of the information that may be announced to be subject to such considerations (e.g., real-life casework/evidence, intellectual property, any other form of "sensitive information").

Partially funded or non-funded attendance

The time window for applying for attendance of the workshop will close Thu. June 4, 2015. Beyond this date the SFIVE team may still allow you to attend the workshop, but in this case catering and other services may not be available for you.

If you have not contacted the SFIVE project team before, but would still like to attend the Workshop then please send an e-mail to

Please attach a filled-in copy of the S-FIVE-WorkShop Application Form.

Important dates

  • Final date for applying for attendance: June 4, 2015; see comments made above
  • Mon. Jun 15 - Thu. 18, 2015: Workshop in Brussels

Procedures/requirements for funded attendance

All attendees will have to send in all documents demonstrating their funded attendance; including the appropriate refund request forms (to be made available later), all original receipts, tickets, boarding passes that document their expenses made.
Hence, all application candidates are also required, prior to submitting the Workshop Application Form, to (1) obtain approval from their local administration: that they may hand in these original documents (listed above), and, (2) to check if they are allowed to receive refunds directly to their personal bank account or if refunds have to be made to their employers bank account.

What is funded?

The S-FIVE project can fund up to 50 attendees;
The Workshop is organized "for free", i.e., without any registration fee
Only travel for attendees working in organizations based in EU member countries can be refunded directly (these countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).
(Exception: invited speakers may travel from outside the EU, but travel organization must be discussed directly with the ENFSI Secretariat)
Application forms from other countries may be submitted too, but these will have a low(er) chance of being accepted unless ongoing discussion with the ENFSI Secretariat and the European Commission would allow for extension of the list of countries.

The maximum refund for airplane tickets/travel is 400 Euro;
please read the webpage on Travel refunding: EC Guidelines.

The S-FIVE team will organize or refund up to 5 meals (lunch/dinner) for each funded attendee (details will be provided later).

Hotel costs will not be refunded.

Information about the Refund request procedure will be available soon(ish).

More information about discussions, presentations, ... given at the workshop is available on the Post Workshop page.

Meeting Programme (draft June 08, 2015)

  • Mon. June 15, 2015: PM: opening and start of the workshop at 14:00 (registration is possible --but not: requested-- from 13:00)
    • Opening and practical information
    • Overview of the Workshop Programme and the SFIVE Project
    • Survey I and II, and Analysis (possibly excluding tool/software details, future work and other comments; see below).
    • Overview of the Central Repository to be made available at/after the Workshop (especially the Tools section, also based on Survey II answers)
  • Tue. June 16, 2015: AM + PM: "vendor and tool day":
    • access to building for vendors: from 08:30
    • access to building for participants: from 09:30
    • Please note that on Tue 16 June another meeting will take place at the Pacheco auditorium (350+ seats), please do not join the expected crowd of people, see the PDF document that was sent out via e-mail on June 9
    • Companies will be given an opportunity to present their tools/services; 30-45 min. presentation by each company
    • Companies that wish to orally present and/or discuss the use of their tools/services w.r.t. the S-FIVE Collaborative Exercise: please contact the S-FIVE team via
    • Companies will be available all day to demonstrate their tools and/or services
    • Demonstration/experimentation with trial versions of provided software, available demo systems, other software (provided by .coms or SFIVE project team)
    • Free time to talk to vendors (bring your own test material)
  • Wed. June 17, 2015: AM + PM
    • SFIVE Project team will provide a draft of the BPM document (Best Practice Manual; Quality Assurance and Management) for review and discussion on Wed./Thu.
    • Collab Exercise: overview and review of the questions and submitted results, "analysis" of the results (by SFIVE);
      please note that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will apply for at least this part of the Workshop.
    • Other presentations by participants and SFIVE team members including casework discussion (see "NDA" comments at top of this webpage)
    • Discussion on building an extended collection of FIVE tasks/solutions for education and collaborative testing
    • Discussion on future path towards (ENFSI DIWG) proficiency testing
  • Thu. June 18, 2015: AM: workshop; PM: departure and travel home.
    • Presentation of the current draft BPM (Best Practice Manual)
    • Discussion about the BPM / Quality Assurance and Management
    • Discussion about validation of tools and methods
    • Discussion about (the need for) future activities by SFIVE/ENFSI DIWG/in general (also based on Survey I and II)
    • Closing

Companies that will present tools/services

The following companies have confirmed to present their tools/services during the "vendor day" on Tue. 16 June:
(in alphabetical order)

  • Amped Software ;
    Amped FIVE: Forensic Image and Video Enhancement, Amped Authenticate: Effective Photo Forensics, Image Forgery Detection and Camera Ballistics, Amped VideoScanner: Fast Video Triage
  • Daetech Systems (UK) Limited / Cognitech Inc. ;
    MIDASONE Evidence recovery with inbuilt SOP DARS LE, DCCTV viewing station, Cognitech Tri Suite 14 Forensic processing and Analysis software.
  • Trial versions of Matlab ( with several image/signal processing modules will be available

If you have any suggestions about companies that you think should also be invited please send an e-mail to:     info   \at/

The following companies have been invited via e-mail (generic e-mail addresses and/or known contact persons): Adobe, Amped Software, Cognitech, Daetechsystems, (L. Compton),, (,, IMIX, Intergraph,, LGCgoup, Mathworks (.uk and .be), MotionDSP,, Ocean Systems, Salient Sciences,,,

Meeting Venue

The Workshop will be held at the Pacheco Centre, which is an annex building to the Finance Tower building in the center of Brussels, Belgium.
Address (Dutch/French): Pachecolaan 13 / Boulevard Pacheco 13, Brussels, Belgium.
Instructions on how to reach this building and access the meeting room were sent out via e-mail on June 9; see below

The meeting room will have a limited number of fixed UTP internet connections and WiFi. More information will be made available orally. The main internet connection onto which the S-FIVE meeting rooms will be connected may be shared with other areas of the building, hence bandwidth may be variable and is most likely not secure.
The main meeting room has a NEC NP1150 projector, the vendor meeting room has a NEC NP2150. According to a quick internet search the native resolution of these projectors is limited to 1024x768.

Information for attendees

The document containing information about how to reach Brussels, the building and the meeting room has been sent-out via e-mail on June 9; if you did not receive this document, please contact the Project Team via

Please notice that you will not be able to enter, leave or move about within the building without the aid of a NICC/INCC staff member. Other people are not allowed to help you.

An "emergengy/last minute" telephone number is provided in the PDF document with practical information (see e-mail June 9).

Attendees are encouraged to bring along test images/video material that could be experimented on during the Workshop (by you, others, companies).
However, if you decide to bring along real-life casework then please make sure you are fully authorized to do so (prior to traveling to the meeting), use secure/(hardware) encrypted storage media and document any NDA or conditions under which the material may be handled by third parties.

Funded attendees

Funded attendees will be offered all coffee breaks, conference material, lunch and dinner meals for free (except for dinner on Mon. evening);
The current planning for free, i.e., S-FIVE funded, lunch/dinner is as follows

  • Mon. evening: not funded (the Project Team will invite all participants to form an informal dinner group during the meeting on Mon. PM)
  • Tue. 12:30-13:30 : cooked meal, inside the meeting venue
  • Tue. 17:30-18:30 : sandwich meal, inside the meeting venue
  • Wed. 12:30-13:30 : cooked meal, inside the meeting venue
  • Wed. 19:00-22:00 : cooked meeting dinner at external restaurant (reservation confirmed, accounting agreement pending), departure towards restaurant at 18:30; choice of two menu options will be available (and needs to be provided by all participants before Tue. 16 June; 10:00); the restaurant can be reached using walking (20 minutes), or metro + walking.
  • Thu. 12:00 or 12:30- ...: cooked meal, inside the meeting venue

Non-funded attendees

Non-funded attendees can join funded attendees during lunch/dinner but will have to pay for their meals in cash.
A cooked meal lunch (soup/starter, main course, dessert, one drink) inside the building will be available for about 10-15 Euro, the group dinner on Wed. evening may cost about 50 Euro.

Coffee breaks and conference material are offered for free.


Suggested nearby hotels (all at 5-10 minutes walking distance) are:

Motel one Price about 100Euro/night. Based on earlier guests at this hotel: there should only be one "price-service" packet option (for each type of room, with breakfast), and, this price you be the same whichever method of reservation you use (fax, e-mail, directly using their webinterface).

Hotel bloom Price about 139 Euro/night: please contact the hotel (via e-mail) and specify that you would like to make a room reservation under the NICC/INCC negotiated price ((you can also ask to confirm what is included in this price, this should be: room+(city)taxes+breakfast+WiFi; if this would not be the case, please send an e-mail to

Thon hotel

For any (other) hotel: please make sure to check that any advertised/internet prices include all city taxes, breakfast, etc.

Information for companies

Please have a look at the section "Information for attendees". However, please note any of your staff members will be considered as non-funded attendees. This means that, for example, you will be allowed to join the attendees for lunch, but you will have to pay for these meals within the building restaurant/cafeteria using cash money.

On Tue. AM vendors will have access to the building and the "vendor meeting room" from 08:30 (for other participants the meeting will not start before 09:30). If needed, please bring your own power socket convertor plugs. The meeting rooms are located in a public part of the building (protected by one security access gate only). Access to the meeting rooms will be monitored by a (single) staff member from NICC at all times. However, if secured storage of any material would be needed, please contact the organizers (; you will not have direct access to this secure storage area.

The "vendor meeting room" can normally seat 60+ persons. Sufficient space should thus be available (for roll-up banners,...). Tables and chairs will also be present. Extension cords will be available, but sockets will be mainland EU based. Internet access can be made available upon request, but only one of two systems may be available (all day long); either WiFi, or a small cabled UTP/switch. The main internet connection onto which the S-FIVE meetings rooms will be connected may be shared with other areas of the building, hence bandwidth may be variable and is most likely not secure.

Please note that on Tue 16 June another much bigger meeting will take place at the main Pacheco auditorium (300 persons); please do not join the expected crowd; i.e., in order to access the building and vendor meeting room, please see the PDF document with additional practical information, sent via e-mail on June 9.

An "emergency/last minute" telephone number is provided in the PDF document with practical information (see e-mail June 9).

Several companies have requested availability of large external monitors/LCD TVs: decisions/negotiations about price/technical specs/accounting issues/"for all (6), or none" are currently still ongoing/pending (June 8); ETA final decision: Wed. 10 June.

You will be requested to provide an exact list of names for the person(s) that will (re)present your company (after June 5, 2015, changes will no longer be possible).

The project team would like to encourage vendors

  • to provide trial versions of software tools that could be used by the attendees during the workshope and/or afterwards, or,
  • to bring along a separate pre-installed "demo system" on which participants and company supervisors would be allowed to experiment, possibly with real-life casework and evidence data.

However, in order to ensure proper handling of possible real-life evidence, participating companies must agree that such a "demo system" will only contain a single non-SSD hard drive, no network connections will be used, and that no wireless network hardware will be installed or that any such functionality will be disabled in both BIOS and/or through a hardware switch (if available).
The system must also contain an operating system and software that has been (re-)installed from a clean, fully and securely wiped disk state (installation is allowed prior to bringing it to the workshop, but representatives should be willing to formally sign a statement confirming this procedure).
Additionally, the system may not be used for any other purposes and (the hard drive of) this system must he handed over to the workshop organizers after the last coffee break (PM, June 16). These HDDs will then be securely wiped on-site (the system must be bootable from CD/DVD or allow physical access to the hard drive). If needed the HDDs will be returned afterwards by postal/express courier mail.

Comments and questions

If you have any comments or questions about the Workshop, please contact us via e-mail:

For other questions or comments about the S-FIVE project, please contact us via e-mail:

(Important) updates to this webpage

June 19, 2015:
removed all pre-workshop colouring, except for CE-NDA notice; added pointers to info about the Refund request procedure and the Post Workshop information pages.

June 10, 2015: spell out BPM, highlight in green that workshop starts at 14:00 (registration is possible but not requested from 13:00), edit and highlight that companies may choose to discuss and/or present about the use of their tools for the CE: please contact

June 09, 2015: update in green: the document containing various practical information has been sent-out via e-mail; please contact if you did not receive a copy of this document. Webpage update to reflect this.

June 08, 2015 (changes in blue and green): information about lunch/dinner, projectors added (further updates pending throughout the week!), vendors can contact the team if they wish to discuss their tools/services w.r.t. the CE, the CE discussion in the programme will be subject to NDA; notice about bigger meeting taking place on Tue. 16 in Pacheco auditorium, notice about emergency tel. no.

May 28, 2015: detailing/update of draft meeting programme, removal of irrelevant information (about earlier application procedures, etc.); added presenting company:, availability of Matlab (downloads/licences offered by Mathworks)

May 18, 2015: notice in green about final travel confirmation/registration by attendees, an e-mail will be sent out by the project team in the week of May 18-23.

May 06, 2015: update on Hotel Bloom price/room reservation (in green).

April 28, 2015: minor update on presentation by IMIX; has been invited

April 27, 2015: highlighting in blue added to section on "Non funded attendance, `registration only' attendance'"; anyone that would like to attend the workshop needs to fill in the application form
April 27, 2015: update in blue in section "How to apply for funded attendance": 1st of notifications sent out, registration info will be provided ASAP.
April 27, 2015: minor information update concerning hotels, more pending (after final information confirmation)

April 25-27, 2015: first set of notification about partially funded workshop applications has been sent out via e-mail

March 26, 2015: public launch of this page
March 27, 2015: correct dates for second/final application form/notification deadlines
April 21, 2015: confirmed: .com presentation of SiraView.

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