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This page is under construction.

This page provides an overview of some of the non-FIVE tools that are most often cited within the entire pre-, filter-, and post-processing of a Forensic Image and Video Enhancement workflow, i.e.:

These tools are not, or are only to a very limited degree, related to image/video enhancement problems. However, they are considered "useful in general" within the overall work flow of a FIVE-laboratory.

The tools have been ordered alphabetically; i.e.:
The project team does not wish to promote or endorse any specific (selection of the) tools listed here.

As this list is not considered to be of major importance to the project, it may not be actively updated by the project team. So:

You are kindly invited to provide any additional links and references, or any other feedback that you may have (see "Contact Us" page).

Vendors that would wish to provide additional information may request to have one specific link included on this page. They are kindly requested to contact the project-team (see "Contact Us" page).


Commercial software tools:

Image/video acquisition

Video Indexing/Event detection/processing large amounts of video

Face recognition/finding or blocking, tracking people

Image/video authentication (updated Feb. 2019)

Video container/bitstream analysis tools (new Oct. 2016)

(Online) Composers/editors/effects...(updated Jan. 2017)

Format conversion/transcoding/...

  • Netcetera: CodecChef enables the decentralised capture of video evidence of a wide range of different sources. It automatically recognizes the different codecs and transcodes them into a common standard format. (updated Jan. 2017)
  • SiraView : replay, export, sharing, storyboarding of CCTV formats

Image/video repair/recovery

Crash simulation

Photogrammetry (updated June 2018)

Free or *ware software

Format conversion/transcoding/...

Image/video authentication (updated Jan. 2017)

Tools for creating panorama images/stitching

Video editing tools

Video player tools

Automatic number plate recognition

  • Java Automatic Number Plate Recognition. An important question that currently remains unanswered is how objective criteria for evaluating FIVE-methods can be realized. One possible solution would be to apply ANPR/OCR algorithms to improved images, and rate the performance of an ANPR system on those images.

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