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If you wish to contact the project team please use the following e-mail address:

E-mail answering delays and problems due to spam filtering and bouncing

Please note that this e-mail inbox is not being monitored continuously.

If you would be unable to contact us using the e-mail address provided above, please try sending an e-mail to:
nicc-din    ::at::[delete this and replace the ::at:: by special symbol]

Project Mailing List

During the formal course of the project, subscription to three separate mailing lists was possible.
(These mailing lists were aimed at distributing project information towards : (i) the general public, government or law enforcement community, (ii) commercial companies, (iii) academic or purely scientific institutes).
Additionally, the Project Team announced all of its activities through the ENFSI DIWG mailing list.
The S-FIVE Project has been formally closed on 31/12/2015, but future related activities will be continued by the ENFSI DIWG (contact: see previous sentence); hence, (the use of) all mailing lists (has/) have also been closed.

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