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Website updating (last updates: June-Aug. 2018)

Various fixes and updates; tool updates, webpage fixing, draft BPM proofs -> ENFSI BPM, etc.
Please do not use this webpage for further navigation; most of this information is outdated and retained here for archival purposes only.

Results news (last update: Feb.3 , 2017)

  • The Central Repository (CR) (overview of SotA literature, software tools, ...) has received various small updates (Oct. 2016, Jan., Feb. and July 2017).
  • The Collaborative Exercise (CE) Results have been updated to include ID 22 results (May 2016).
  • On Dec. 31, 2015 the S-FIVE Project came to its formal end.
  • The ENFSI DIWG will continue working on various results achieved in this project.
  • The project website, previously funded by the ENFSI/EC project budget, is now hosted at a new hosting company (funded by NICC, Belgium).

S-FIVE Mailing list

The S-FIVE Project formally ended on Dec. 31, 2015.
Nevertheless, some of the project activities will be continued further by the ENFSI DIWG.
If you still wish to be notified about important News and Events related to S-FIVE you can subscribe to the S-FIVE mailing list by sending an e-mail to the S-FIVE Project Team; please see the Contact Us link/webpage in the Navigation Sidebar.
Alternatively, you can also apply for membership of the ENFSI DIWG mailing list; please contact the ENFSI DIWG through the contact details available via the ENFSI website

October 2015

The Bonus Collaborative Exercise was made available and the Project Team continued working on and finalizing various tasks within the Project (including, e.g., analysis of Survey results, BPM and BPM-S documents, presenting and discussing results and remaining issues at the ENFSI DIWG2015 meeting in Budapest).

The Project Results page was updated to included the available Collaborative Exercise (CE), Central Repository (CR) and Best Practice Manual (BPM) results.

July - September 2015:

The Project Team continued working at various tasks within the Project.

The Project Final Event was co-hosted as a Workshop at the conference.

Update June 2015:

  • 08 June 2015
    • Each of the 22 participants to the CE was notified of his/her anonymous ID (number) he/she has been assigned.
      If you did not receive your anonymous ID, please contact the Project Team via
    • various minor updates on the S-FIVE Workshop webpage (Workshop: June 15-18 2015, Brussels)

Update May 2015:

SWGIT has made the decision to terminate operations.

The S-FIVE project team would like to thank any and all persons and organizations that contributed to the many SWGIT activities that resulted in so much excellent and valuable work that was realized during the past 18 years!

SWGIT Farewell Letter 5_7_15

Update March 2015:

Update March 26: the workshop webpage is now available

S-FIVE International Workshop

The project team is organizing an International Workshop June 15-18, Brussels, Belgium.

Companies which have confirmed presenting their tools/services at the workshop:
Amped Software (IT), Daetech Systems (UK) Limited / Cognitech Inc., IMIX Vision Support Systems (NL), Digital Audio Corporation d/b/a Salient Sciences (USA), Sira Defence and Security Ltd (UK).

The workshop will be open to law enforcement agencies, industry/vendors, and academia.

The workshop will start on Mon. June 15, 2015, 14:00, and end on Thu. June 18, after lunch. This will hopefully allow all EU participants to travel on those days.
Multiple well-known companies have been invited to attend the workshop and present their products or services.
If you have any suggestions about companies that you think should also be invited please send an e-mail to info \at/

(Partial) funding of travel (e.g., flight costs up to 400Euro) and meeting organization (meals, coffee breaks, etc.) will be provided by the project (for up to 50 persons), but attendees will have to pay for their hotel.

Project Final Event (updated March 24, 2015)

The project team will be co-hosting its Final Event (presentation and discussion of all project results and activities) with the EAFS2015 tri-annual conference (Sept. 6-11, 2015, Prague).
The S-FIVE Final Event will take place on: Wednesday 9 September 2015.
Practical details are currently still being discussed further with the EAFS organizers.
More information is or will be available through the S-FIVE Final Event page.

Collaborative Exercise

On March 03, 2015, the S-FIVE project launched its Collaborative Exercise.

Anyone interested in participating to this Collaborative Exercise on Forensic Image and Video Enhancement is most welcome to do so.

The exercise consists of four subparts related to: Image extraction, Focal and Motion Deblur, and Superresolution.

Update October 2014:

Survey 1 is now closed and final analysis and reporting of the results will be carried out.


Survey 2 has been reopened and will be available until autumn 2015.
Most of the questions have now become optional;
you can select and provide answers for the things you care about most;
please feel free to participate at your own convenience:

Update September 2014:

Status update of the S-FIVE project given at ENFSI DIWG in Bucharest, Romania (2nd-5th September 2014). Presented findings of Survey 1 showing an analysis of what the community believes should be included in the Ring Test. Overview of the current draft of the Best Practice Manual given.

Update August 2014:


The deadline for participation to the second part of the S-FIVE survey has been extended to Aug. 31, 2014, please feel free to participate:

The fourth project meeting will take place at the NFI, The Hague, Aug. 19-22, 2014.

We will present a status/overview of the project at the ENFSI DIWG meeting in Bucharest, Romania, Sept. 2-5, 2014.

Update July 2014:

The fourth project meeting will take place at the NFI, The Hague, Aug. 19-22, 2014.

The second part of the S-FIVE survey is available, please feel free to participate:

From the announcement mail (sent out to the ENFSI DIWG mailing list, the persons subscribed to the S-FIVE mailing lists, and the participants that fully or partially participated to part one of the survey):

The deadline for participating to this part of the survey is: August 15, 2014.

Filling in this survey may require some discussion between you and your colleagues, and could require a substantial amount of your valuable time. However, we believe that the survey will offer a unique opportunity for everyone in our community to learn from each other about various issues that concern us. These issues include: quality assurance and management, performance of various hardware and software tools (scored w.r.t. several criteria), the composition of best practise manuals, etc.

If you have participated to the first part of the survey, the S-FIVE project team wishes to thank you for all the detailed answers you provided! The analysis results for the first part of the survey will be distributed at the end of August, and will be presented at the DIWG2014 meeting in Bucharest, Sept.2-5.
Have a nice summer!

Update June 2014:

The first part of the survey is being analyzed, and the second part will be launched soon.
Image and video material is being collected for organizing the Ring Test/Collaborative Exercise (RT/CE).

Announcements about the second part of the survey will only be made through the website, the participants list of the S-FIVE Part One survey, the e-mail addresses subscribed to the S-FIVE mailing lists, and the ENFSI DIWG mailing list.
The RT/CE will be announcement in a similar manner, but additional efforts will be made in order to try and reach out to additional commercial and academic contacts.
Please feel free to subscribe to our mailing lists (see Contact Us/above).


Update March 2014:

The first version of the Scientific literature state-of-the-art overview webpage is available.
Please consider contributing any additional references or comments you may have.


Please participate in our SURVEY

The extended deadline for participating is March 21st 2014

Update Feb 2014:

Please participate in our SURVEY

The deadline for participating is Feb 26th 2014

Will follow soon:

  • Broadcast/Announcement of the first part of the WP-1 Survey.
  • Final broadcast/announcement of the public website.

Update Jan 2014:

Third Project meeting in London (Feb. 18-21)

Update Oct 2013:

Project meeting no.2 in London.

Update Feb 2013

Meeting no.1 in Brussels.

Update 2012

Funding for S-FIVE project awarded.

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