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The project studied various issues related to the Standardisation of Forensic Image and Video Enhancement (S-FIVE). The main focus of the project was oriented towards techniques used for improving the quality of surveillance video data and other types of images that portray persons and objects at the macroscopic level.

The original project proposal contained the following description for the various Work Packages (WPs):


WP1: Survey

From an organizational point of view, an overview of the methods and procedures that are currently being used across the ENFSI member institutes is lacking. This hinders the development and implementation of a unified European methodology for dealing with this type of evidence, and the development of standardization and quality assurance issues in general.

The execution of a thorough survey will result in an overview of the amount of investigators and casework that is handled each year, the (need for a) diversity of existing methods and tools that are currently used, etc.

WP2: Central Repository (CR)

The project aims to create a Central Repository will provide an overview of the existing state-of-the-art and all other information that may be of interest to investigators or researchers working in this area. Additionally, a reference data set will be composed that can be used for evaluation and training of (new) investigators, for testing and validation of existing and new software tools, etc

The CR work package aims to build an overview of the existing state-of-the-art, including a review of the available

  • Scientific literature and tools
  • Commercial software and tools
  • Open source software and tools
  • Other related software and tools
  • Test data (images and video footage)
  • Manuals and tutorials for software and tools
  • Scientific Working Groups, Knowledge Bases, Forums, Blogs & Websites

WP3: Ring Test/Collaborative Exercise

The project is organizing a Collaborative Exercise (CE) within ENFSI in order to evaluate the performance of currently used tools, (casework) methods and procedures.

The exercise is also be open to non-EU and other participants, i.e., companies, academic researchers, etc.

The S-FIVE Collaborative Exercise; an open challenge on Forensic Image/Video Enhancement; was organized 03 March - 24 April 2015.
Although the S-FIVE project ended on 31 Dec. 2015, you may still submit new CE results; please feel free to contact the Project Team! (last updated Aug. 2018)

WP4: Best Practice Manual

S-FIVE will study the composition of a best practice manual (BPM) and issues and requirements related to quality assurance and management, standardization and accreditation issues in this domain.

At certain points in time the draft documents will be available for public commenting.

WP4: Workshop

The project will organize an international workshop aimed at bringing together various parties that are active in this field (forensic scientists, investigators, academic researchers, companies, etc.).

The S-FIVE project will provide partial funding for inviting attendees and reimbursing EU flight costs, meals, etc. Attendees will have to pay for their hotels.

Please feel free to visit the Workshop webpage to obtain more details.

WP5: Project Management, Meetings and Final Event

This work package will take care of all internal administration, project management and meetings (2 project meetings/year).

The final results of the project will be presented at the 7th triannual European Academy of Forensic Sciences in 2015 (EAFS2015; This conference is well-known for bringing together hundreds of forensic scientists from across the globe.

More information is available through the S-FIVE Final Event page.

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