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This webpage contains a description of a short Collaborative Exercise aimed at making an anonymous comparison of image/video enhancement capabilities across Europe and the globe, trying to learn from this exercise and providing some first insights into future design of formal Proficiency Tests. In other words, please note that this exercise has not been formally approved by ENFSI (DIWG/QCC) as an official collaborative exercise or proficiency test.

The Bonus Collaborative Exercise

Qn: How would you go about enhancing footage recorded in very dark conditions such as in the following file?:


This video is (C) S-FIVE

Please note or consider that:

  • No temporal enhancement is requested, nor should be required (i.e. no request for frame averaging or super-resolution).
  • Try enhancing the footage using a range of software.

Please send us a still of the first frame only of the footage (.bmp format) scaled to 640x480 (resolution of original video), for any of the software programes you have used, with details of how you accomplished the enhancement (software name, software version, plugins, settings etc).


The Discussion_regarding_S-FIVE_Bonus_CE.pdf document discusses the technical issues and possible solutions involved in the Bonus CE.

Conditions/additional information

Please note that participation to this exercise implied agreeing that the S-FIVE project team may (re)use and publish all submitted image enhancement results, or any other provided information. However/See also:

All obtained information will only be used in an anonymous manner as outlined in the Privacy Policy and Statement and the Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions of Service available on the main S-FIVE Project website.

If you experience any issues or would have any questions related to the exercise, please contact us.