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Although the S-FIVE project ended on 31 Dec. 2015, you may still submit new CE results; please feel free to contact the Project Team! (last updated Aug. 2018)


This webpage makes available the submitted Collaborative Exercise Answer Forms.

The web based overview of the CE Responses is available via: Collaborative Exercise Results page, and the answers to the individual questions can also be accessed through:

Responses Qn1A          Responses Qn1B          Responses Qn2A          Responses Qn2B  
Responses Qn2C          Responses Qn3           Responses Qn4A          Responses Qn4B 

Anonymized Answer Forms

Clicking the PDF Answer Form document links below will most likely open them within the current browser tab/window.
If this is indeed the case, you can also right click the file links to download them.


Alternatively you can download this ZIP archive (8MB) that contains all PDF files listed below
(this zip archive was updated May 2016, older version).

CE Answer Form ID 01        CE Answer Form ID 14  
CE Answer Form ID 02        CE Answer Form ID 15  
CE Answer Form ID 03        CE Answer Form ID 16  
CE Answer Form ID 04        CE Answer Form ID 17  
CE Answer Form ID 05        CE Answer Form ID 18  
CE Answer Form ID 06        CE Answer Form ID 19  
CE Answer Form ID 07        CE Submission  ID 20   replaced by submission ID 24
CE Answer Form ID 08        CE Answer Form ID 21  
CE Answer Form ID 09        CE Answer Form ID 22
CE Answer Form ID 10        CE Answer Form ID 23  
CE Answer Form ID 11        CE Answer Form ID 24  
CE Answer Form ID 12        CE Answer Form ID 25  
CE Answer Form ID 13  

Obtaining more detailed information

Some of these Answers Forms contain sufficient detail to allow independent reproduction of the obtained results, others may not. If you are interested to obtain more details about how some of the results were realized, then you can send any comments or questions you may have (see Contact Us details) and the Project Team will forward your questions to the person(s) that submitted these results.

Any additional information received will be added here later on.

Answers to the open comments question

The original Answer Form contained the following question:
Do you have any comments with respect to this Exercise?

The following answers were received (edited to remove ID information, all other received answers were blank):

  • I used the software ʺDeblurMyImageʺ, due to lack of time, I was not be able to keep detailed notes about the relative steps and settings of this exercise.
  • I was quite impress and i consider myself lucky that i was given the opportunity to participate to an exercise of such importance and calibre. During the preparation and the implementation of the exercise i had the chance to apply and improve the skills that i received from my profession, namely being part of XYZ.
    Apart from the above, i would like to mention that due to heavy load of work in our lab i didn't have the opportunity to devote the time i wished to the exercise. it would be preferable if the next time we had more flexible time limits for the purposes of the exercise.
  • This exercise is interesting and should be held regularly, for example: on a website where “problematic” cases are given and people can submit results whenever they have new results (similar to http://vision.middlebury.edu/stereo/). However, this system asks for an objective measure. My suggestion is to have an OCR system as a “referee”, which decides if the problem is solved or not, and if it is solved the case can then be closed.
  • We really enjoyed doing this exercise. The exercises are not really representative for the casework we normally do and therefore we were not very experienced. By participating this exercise new knowledge and experience is acquired by us.
    However, we still wonder how to apply this kind of techniques in casework, considering validation. With validation we do not mean validation of the software but validation of the obtained results.
  • Well composed, interesting and creative test. If offered, it will be very interesting to see the results from the other participants.
    Sadly enough we have not been able to try all parts of the test ourselves. Mainly this is due to time constraints but also on the fact that we, XYZXYZ not perform image enhancement as a service. <REMOVED BY S_FIVE IN ORDER NOT TO DISCLOSE ID> In short – we need to explore our own capability, learn more and search for suitable tools, i.e. the results of the S-FIVE project has now become a high priority for us to follow and take part of.
  • Not all examples in this exercise seem to be representative to day-to-day CCTV problems.
  • I am looking forward to see the results and the performance of specialists with their own approach and tools. Thank you for the organisation.
  • Had to be done in a very short time by 2 case workers, documentation is not complete

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